Roger Federer rubbishes 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games rumours after making…

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Roger Federer says the opportunity to win the elusive gold medal at the 2020 Olympics is not the only motivation to enter the event.

World number 3 has confirmed that he will be representing Switzerland at the Tokyo tournament next year.

Federer never won the Olympic gold medal in the singles, although he won silver in defeat for Andy Murray in 2012.

Instead, the 38-year-old says his participation is due to the prestige of the competition.

"That's what people say, 'That's why he's playing, he needs to go get the gold to fill his trophy cabinet,'" Federer told CNN.

“But not so much for me. I don't want to take off the pressure, I can take the pressure.

“I just want to give it the best chance I have and see if I can win another medal.

“If it's another big gold. if the house goes down, it will be awesome, it will be crazy and I hope to be ready for it.

"I hope to be healthy because it wasn't in Rio and it hurt. Could you imagine if I won the gold? But I don't want to dream that far.

“Being part of it is great and being healthy will be great. And so getting into the medal race would be crazy. "

Federer also stressed how important it is for him to do well in representing his nation.

“It's just something completely different from touring. Tournaments we obviously have, ”Federer added.

"I feel I represent Switzerland everywhere I go, it's always Roger Federer of Switzerland.

"I understand that, but I feel that the Olympics is the next level.

“I'm very popular in my country and I know that people would love to see me at the Olympics and win a medal. They might even put me in the medal race.

“They can even deposit in one. I will try my best. I live in Switzerland, I spend most of my time there, I live there, my children go to school there.

"The country is the best for me and I love to represent and there is no better place to do that than the Olympics."



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