(Rumor) Fortnite 2 is about to be released! What will change?

by ace

According to the Italian App Store, it looks like Fortnite Chapter 2 is about to reach players' hands. And it will be nothing less than the successor of giant Fortnite. However, none of this is certain yet, after all there has been no official announcement yet. But given that the cover image appeared on the App Store, we think there is little doubt left.

So if this is true, it is certain that we will have a lot of new content, like a new Battle Royal map, new vehicles, new weapons and Skins and much more. But we will explain everything else below.

After all, what information does the image about Fortnite 2 reveal to us?

It seems that all this content will be implemented with the beginning of season 11, and in fact, we can assume that the incoming content will be quite. After all, why would Epic change the name of Fortnite if it didn't have a strong enough reason?

So it is certain that we will have a new Battle Royal map with new cities, new places to explore and a host of new vehicles. That will allow players to move differently than usual.

This is because, after cars and airplanes, it looks like this time we will have some boats. Therefore it is almost certain that at least half of the new map will consist of water.

In addition, it is also important to remember that next season EA has already said it will implement matches against bots with artificial intelligence. This will allow players with more difficulty to have some training time.

Fortnite 2

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In short, although none of this has yet been officially revealed, it is almost certain that Fortnite 2 will be confirmed in the coming days. So the best thing is to start preparing for the big change now.

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