Ryzen 3000 will be 8 seconds faster on Boot!

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Ryzen 3000 will be 8 seconds faster on Boot! – We have often said that the new wave of BIOS updates for the very recent AMD Ryzen 3000 will bring several improvements! All thanks to the new AGESA version of AMD micro-code, which not only improves the speed of these processors with a significant frequency boost across all cores, but will also offer much shorter 'Boot' times.

AMD Ryzen 3000 will be 8 seconds faster on Boot!

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Therefore, MSI is now announcing that following the implementation of new firmware with the AGESA Patch B micro code on X570 motherboards, it has come across a 20% improvement in startup.

Interestingly, in this case we're not even talking about the top-end AMD Ryzen 3000 processors like the Ryzen 3800X or 3900X… We're talking about testing with the mid-range king Ryzen 5 3600, which on an MEG X570 Godlike motherboard was 8 seconds longer fast in the boot process.

Thus, considering that the boot time with the AGESA ABBA micro code was 22 seconds. Now we see an improvement of 22.7% as it goes down from 22s to 16 / 17s.

In short, an improvement that in the real world will not offer much … But above all, it confirms that AMD remains immensely concerned about the performance of its processors. Which, in fact, also shows us that you don't want to take your foot off the accelerator in this race against what Intel has to offer.

In the end, Intel itself is preparing a rather daunting attack plan to stop its rival's growth. After all, the blue microprocessor giant has put millions of Euros aside, just to attack AMD.

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