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Samsung Galaxy Fold presented in Portugal and costs 2049 €

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Samsung today held a showcase event for its new store in Colombo, but the big highlight turned out to be the first folding smartphone to reach Portugal, the Galaxy Fold. Yes, Samsung's folding smartphone has just been announced for the Portuguese market and should arrive before Christmas.

Samsung's folding smartphone has gone through some problems, but now it has hit the market right after it has been “redesigned” and improved, Samsung starts pre-selling the smartphone on December 6th, and the price also comes to match… 2049 €.

Samsung Galaxy Fold: Specifications

The Galaxy Fold incorporates the world's first 7.3 ”Infinity Flex Display, which doubles to become a compact device with an outdoor display. Galaxy Fold offers a powerful new method for doing simultaneous tasks, watching videos, playing games and more – bringing new experiences and possibilities to life.

A smartphone. A tablet. Folded in one.

Galaxy Fold is in its own category. It offers a new form of mobile experience that lets users do everything they can't on a standard smartphone. Consumers now have the best of both worlds: a compact device that unfolds to reveal Samsung's largest display. Galaxy Fold brings together materials, engineering and innovations, developed over eight years since the first prototype of a flexible display presented by Samsung in 2011.

  • Display with new materials: The interior screen is not limited to bending. It folds up. Folding is a more intuitive move and a harder-to-reach innovation. Samsung invented a new polymer layer and created a display about 50% thinner than the typical smartphone screen. This new material makes the Galaxy Fold flexible and sturdy.
  • New Rotation Mechanism: Galaxy Fold opens smoothly and naturally, like a book, and closes in a compact one-click format. To do this, Samsung has created a sophisticated hinge with multiple interlocking gears. This system is housed and hidden for a sleek and perfect look.
  • New Elegant Elements: From screen to material, through every element you can see and touch – Samsung spared no effort. The fingerprint sensor can be found on the side where the thumb naturally rests for simple device unlocking. Both batteries and components are evenly distributed so that the Galaxy Fold balances in your hands. Colors with a unique finish – Space Silver, Cosmos Black, Martian Green and Astro Blue – and the hinge engraved with the Samsung logo complete the quality finish of the device.

Samsung Galaxy Fold presented in Portugal and costs 2049 €

A New Experience

Galaxy Fold is designed with users in mind – focusing on the best and biggest facts that enhance your experiences. Galaxy Fold switches to the screen you need when you need it. Take it out of your pocket with one hand make calls and write messages, and open it for endless multitasking and high-quality viewing on our largest smartphone screen – presentations, digital magazines, movies and RA content.

The unique UX created specifically for Galaxy Fold offers new ways to get the most out of your smartphone:

  • Multiple Active Windows: The possibilities created by Galaxy Fold are endless. Open up to three active applications simultaneously on the home screen so you can browse, write, work, view and share without wasting a second.
  • Continuity of Applications: Move seamlessly and intuitively between the outdoor display and the main displays. As Galaxy Fold opens and closes, apps automatically pop up where you left them. Stay connected on Instagram by scrolling through feed updates with one hand. When you're ready to take a photo, make more detailed edits, or take a closer look at the feed, open the display and get a larger, full screen.

Samsung worked with Google the community of developers from Android to ensure apps and services are available for the Galaxy Fold UX.

Samsung Galaxy Fold presented in Portugal and costs 2049 €

Premium Performance Built to Double

Galaxy Fold is designed for the most intense and extreme use whether working, playing or sharing – all requiring advanced performance. Thanks to its robust hardware, Galaxy Fold is more than ready for the task.

  • Do more: To ensure everything works efficiently, even running three apps simultaneously, Samsung has equipped the new Galaxy Fold with a powerful next-generation AP chipset and 12GB RAM to match the performance of a PC. The sophisticated dual battery system is specifically designed to accompany the user. Galaxy Fold is also capable of charging a second device simultaneously via Wireless PowerShare while connected to a standard charger.
  • Ultimate Multimedia Experience: Galaxy Fold was created for entertainment. Thanks to the immersive visuals offered by the Dynamic AMOLED display and the clear, clear sound of AKG stereo speakers, favorite movies and games come to life in rich colors and sounds.
  • The Most Versatile Camera Ever: Regardless of how you hold – or fold – the camera, the camera will always be ready to capture the moment. With six lenses – three at the rear, two at the side, and one exterior – the Galaxy Fold camera system is based on flexibility. The new smartphone features a new level of multitasking, allowing you to open other applications during a video call.

It's compatible with Bixby, and smart new personal features like Bixby Routines that help anticipate user needs, and the Samsung KNOX platform that keeps data and information safe. Whether you make payments with Samsung Pay, or use Samsung Health to manage your health and well-being, the Galaxy ecosystem is always there to accompany you in finding what you like best.

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