See the Last Tattoo Margot Robbie Will Ever Give

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See the Last Tattoo Margot Robbie Will Ever Give

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Courtesy of Margot Robbie / Instagram


Robbie shared a glimpse of the ink that ended his career as an amateur tattoo artist.

On Thursday, February 6, the Birds of Prey star posted a black and white Instagram of herself, giving her friend some paint on her back that looks like a heart. "It will make sense if you watched Fallon the other night," she wrote in the caption. "Sorry Patricia!"

Original story below:

Margot Robbie is no longer in the tattoo business.

Appearing on The Tonight Show, starring Jimmy Fallon, on Tuesday, February 4, the Australian said she is no longer giving people tattoos after a specific incident.

Margot Robbie is killing on the press tour & # 39; Birds of Prey & # 39 ;, see all looks

During the interview, the presenter asked if she is still tattooing the people on the set, to whom she replied: "I turned off the tattoo gun, I don't do that anymore. I had some setbacks."

Although she did not specify these "few setbacks", she shared a story about a particular ink that went wrong during a bachelorette party in Australia.

"Of course we drink a lot and then think, 'Oh, let's get tattoos alike!' Because that's a great idea," she said. “I was tattooing my friend on her back, and another friend was drawing her in the pen, like the pen, and then tattooing. And then, when I showed it later, she was like, "Oh, I didn't know what I was getting." "

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Fortunately, the girl was really nice about it, saying she liked it anyway. However, his mother was not.

"The next day, at the wedding, when she walked down the hall like one of the bridesmaids in a backless dress with a red, raw and scabbed tattoo," explained the Oscar nominee. “And her mother was filthy with me. She, like, pissed me off at the wedding. She was so angry and I thought, "I really shouldn't do this anymore." I don't know if Patricia is still in agreement. I turned off the gun.

It is not so surprising to see that she is not trained and only bought the gun on eBay. "I warned (people) that I am not good at drawing and I am not qualified, but they still do."

She is not wrong! It seems that most people didn't really care. After all, during the first Suicide Squad movie, the 29-year-old gave tattoos to everyone "skwad" during a set, sometimes while she was still in her Harley Quinn costume. "Everyone has one," she said. "During lighting settings, people would just show up in the trailer and get one."

Showing hers on her feet, it's pretty cool. So we can't blame them!

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