See the Top 5 Celeb Hair Trends of 2019

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As the year comes to a close, we are looking at some of the hottest trends of 2019 – and, well, they are good. For today's deep dive, it's all about the hair.

2019 Celebrity Hair Makeovers: New Haircuts, Colors, Fringes, Extensions & More

When it came to their hair, celebrities were not afraid to change their appearance, and of course they did it without sacrificing any style.

In terms of haircuts, some of the biggest headaches weren't necessarily the most modern ones (aka Charlize Theron making the bowl super fancy), but that didn't mean they weren't headline-worthy. The sleek new bobs spotted on the A lists have caused all sorts of excitement this year, from Ivanka Trump's politically powerful jaw cut to Selena Gomez's 90s-inspired cut, fresh and smooth bobs were all the rage! We're thinking of calling 2019 as bob's year.

When it came to hair colors, there were favorite rainbow-colored stars like Lady Gaga, who had pastel blue-purple hair for the Golden Globes. But overall, it was really about keeping it to a minimum and embracing one's natural beauty. This can be seen mostly in brunettes, with caramel reflections that look healthier and brighter. Think: Beyonce's bright strands that were on full display at Lion King's London premiere. Or Bella Hadid, transition from brunette to blonde, because only a Hadid could make this dramatic and damaging change gracefully and elegantly.

From top-of-the-line accessories to hair extensions to a totally envious hairstyle, keep browsing to see the five hottest hair trends of 2019, as seen by celebrities.

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