Should there be more smartphones with a stylus?

by ace
Should there be more smartphones with a stylus?

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Currently called a stylus, but better known as a pen, it was something that appeared in the time of Palm Pilot equipment and even the height of PDAs with Windows Mobile.

The stylus was used basically to write small notes and serve as a pointer as if it were a mouse to choose options in menus, instead of using our fingers. But it was never something that had a very developed technology associated with it and it worked, say, in a somewhat basic and not very perfect way, but it served what was intended at the time.

Currently in 2020, and already with its current stylus name, since the accessory is no longer something basic to bring a lot of additional functions beyond those previously mentioned, the whole stylus today is developed with cutting edge technology.

Brands like Samsung, then started to put on their smartphones, namely in the Note line this accessory already with another level of precision both for writing and even for drawing. In fact, this entire line of Samsung Galaxy Note has always been associated with the inclusion of a stylus that from year to year was increasingly improving in all aspects. Then we still have Apple Pencil from Apple today, despite serving basically for the same but that works exclusively with the tablets of the brand, the iPad´s. Despite being “another type of stylus” since the brand itself wants to keep it simple, it is in fact a great accessory mainly for writing and drawing to use on the iPad.

Should there be more smartphones with a stylus?

Then there are other brands such as LG, already using the stylus in some of their equipment. Usually, the brands that choose to include a stylus in their devices, usually choose to place them on equipment with larger screens in order to give the user a more pleasant and more productive experience, since that is the primary object of the stylus.

Now it seems that another brand is getting ahead too and betting on this type of accessory, which is Motorola. Nothing is known yet about this mysterious Motorola device, but one thing seems to be almost certain, the brand will even present a device with a stylus. Everything for now is just based on an image that appeared on the internet that reveals this fact, which shows at first glance an equipment of dimensions somewhat unusual, with a small hole in the upper left corner and a stylus. As we can see from the image, the stylus itself is stored inside the body of the equipment by the lower right side. At the level of specifications of this equipment, nothing is yet known for what could be a medium equipment or even a top of the range brand. And what will bring the Motorola stylus again? what's new, if it will bring some, will Motorola implement in the stylus?

One thing is certain, all these devices with the stylus, are devices that are for users that give them the proper use, because otherwise, it is preferable to bet on equipment with similar characteristics and cheaper without the included stylus.

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