Sneaker illusion may tell if you’re left or right brain dominant: Do you see…

by ace

The surprisingly simple image of a sports shoe was shared by Smith in a video on his Instagram page. The colors you see in the picture are said to indicate whether you are a creative or logical person.

Smith, 51, said: "I saw the image online and shared it with a lot of people. It's really spectacular.

“What color do you see? Show five or six people around you and ask what they see. I think you will be surprised.

"There's no right answer. But … it's definitely not pink!"

It is said that the color that an individual perceives that this shoe is reveals the functioning of their brains.

A dominant left brain has been associated with logical, analytical thinking and thinking. A dominant right brain is most commonly associated with creativity, imagination and intuition.

The original image was posted in 2017 by @AliciaMarieBODY.

Apparently, the bill belongs to fitness and gaming enthusiast Alicia Marie. She shared the picture, writing "What color are these sneakers / lace?"

However, since the image circulated on social networks and resurfaced once before, thanks to rapper Lizzo.

She shared the image with the message: “The dominant right and left brain, if the right brain is dominant, you will see a combination of pink and white, and if the left brain is dominant, you will see gray and green. Try with your loved ones, very interesting. ”(Sic)

Now, hordes online are debating what they see.

One wrote: “Deffo pink and white. But like a dusty rose. ”(Sic)

Another said, “Gray and teal with a slight peach color on the top of the shoe -” (sic)

One tried to explain the illusions by answering: “Just jump here before it takes off: it's not a left brain thing, a right brain thing.

“It's if you're subconsciously compensating for the poor white balance in the photo. The pixels are gray and teal, the shoe is pink and white.

However, there is no evidence that this illusion can really tell which part of your brain is dominant. In fact, people with dominant left or right brains are a myth, or at least not proven by science.

However, there is a definite answer about the color of the shoe.

An photo editor explained: “The camera is not reading white as white – the color temperature is totally low.

"It's like when you take a picture with a flash on, you're bluer than you are, because the flashes have a blue tint – it's colder than a tungsten light." (Sic)

Optical illusions are often popular online, with netizens enjoying solving the puzzle. Thousands were confused by a recent optical illusion In August.

Created by Swift Direct Blinds, the puzzle aims to raise awareness about the role of bees in the ecosystem. On average, it takes eight seconds for a person to find the bee, and some may try desperately to find out much faster.

Seeing the photo online, one intriguer simply commented, "I couldn't see the bee."



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