(Special) Intel has already made it public to clarify the 10nm situation!

by ace

Yesterday, many were reported that Intel's famous 10nm production process had been canceled for the world of desktop PCs. That is, we would only see solutions based on this technology in the notebook market, while the 'old lady' 14nm Skylake architecture would hold the fort by 2022.

  • Oops !? Intel's 10nm has just been canceled!

However, Intel has already made it public to clarify the situation, saying that the 10nm should still give an air of its grace in the Destkop processor market… By 2021!

In short, we are facing another postponement of an Intel production process that should have been on the market in 2016/2017!

So after the information leak, Intel quickly went public to deny all reports last Monday! Clarifying that processors for the 10nm process-based Desktop market continue to be part of enterprise planning. Now read the only line Intel had to say on the subject:

“We continue to make great progress in 10nm, and our internal technology planning includes 10nm desktop products.”

If you don't know, yesterday's reports predicted a true horror story! Stating that Intel is now planning to continue a bet on its 14nm process, what is there is a bet on Skylake architecture by 2022… That is, an architecture that will be on the market 7 years!

Still, even in light of this statement, reputable Tom's Hardware site suggests that this architecture will continue to be Intel's go-to through 2021. In short, it is not until late 2021 that Intel will launch the first products based on the 10nm (10nm ++) architecture.

Later we will welcome the 7nm process in 2022! A time when AMD should already be playing with 5nm or 5nm +.

Besides, what do you think about all this? Share with us your opinion in the comments below.


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