(Special) Is the computer slow? Understand why!

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Slow computer? Understand some reasons why – When we buy a good computer what we want most of all, it will last as long as possible under the best conditions.

However, over time what were once super expensive high-end components, they quickly begin to be equivalent to current mid-range components and of course… Your computer starts to slow down.

However, there was a sudden slowness, and extreme heat coming from inside his machine. It's because something goes on!

In recent times, the temperature has started to rise suddenly and the fans started working twice?

If this is the case then be aware that the common problem here is heat that is not dissipated correctly. There are several factors for this to happen. You need to know what might be happening to give rise to all this.

Cleaning and Thermal Paste

So if you have had your computer for a few years… It is very likely that your device is mired in dust everywhere. However, it doesn't stop there. It is just that cleaning the dust will not solve the problem. You may even have to replace the thermal paste, which is the heat transfer from your processor to the cooler.

At the end of the cable, over the years, it is normal for the thermal paste to dry, which will result in the disappearance of the heat conducting characteristics.

That said, if you are skilled and can easily assemble and dismantle your machine, then try to get a good thermal paste and thoroughly clean your computer. You'll see the results will appear and may even impress! (Sometimes the factory-supplied thermal grease is a real shame.)

Okay, what if the problem is not dust or thermal paste?

Samsung 860 QVO

Then it could be a software problem and here a lot could be happening to your computer. Here the easiest and most common thing is to store your information on an external disk and format the entire computer in the background.

However, if after doing this the problem of slowness remains, the problem may be found on the disk (HDD or SSD) of the PC.

Do you still use an HDD disk instead of SSD as your primary disk?

Probably yes. After all, an HDD disc offers much more storage for the same price. However, the truth is that even the weakest SSD will offer at least 10x the performance of the most normal HDD on earth.

Be aware that you may stop waiting 40 seconds to connect a PC, and start waiting just 4 seconds with this upgrade. In fact, even in normal use, such as opening applications, folders and games, the process will be faster and more fluid.

Anti virus

(Special) Is the computer slow? Understand why!

In this field, although there are good and many antivirus on the market, there are some who like to use the full processing power of their computer. With a lot of background processes, unbeknownst to the user, they can make your PC a much slower machine.

Here, if you use the “free” versions of some brands, prefer to choose your own Windows Defender from your computer. Being this, very well recommended and even usually lighter for the equipment.

Background and Startup Applications

One way to improve your computer performance is to organize your computer software. That is, take a look and uninstall all applications you do not need or do not use.

As for startup, many unnecessary applications start badly turning on the computer. If this does not happen, go to Task Manager, Startup menu and disable any unnecessary applications. (This is really very important!)

the slow computer

Reboot your PC

If you usually leave your computer on 24/7 then this is for you. The simple gesture of restarting the PC is necessary to make many processes and errors fixed from your system. From time to time, give the machine a break.

Software Updates (Windows, Drivers, etc…)

You know those annoying updates that come out of nowhere… Well, many times they are really necessary. After all, in order for your machine to function properly you will need to keep your PC up to date, especially when it comes to the drivers of its components.

  • Caution! There is a fake Windows 10 update on the Internet


In short, here are some of the reasons that may be making your trusty PC a super slow machine. However, if after all this has not been resolved, it may be a good idea to take your machine to a professional, or upgrade some of the components (SSD and RAM are usually the most important in rejuvenating a computer).

Besides, what do you think about this? Share with us your opinion in the comments below.

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