Taylor Hill Gets Her Outfit Inspiration From Stevie Nicks

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Taylor Hill Zoey Grossman

Taylor Hill sees Stevie Nicks Gypsy! The model sat with Stylish on Sunday, October 13, at the boohoo x Taylor Hill Edit launch event at The Beverly Hills Hotel and talked about why singer “Landslide” is her best fashion model along with other fashion tips.

"My overall style icon is Stevie Nicks, so whatever Stevie does, I will," said Victoria's Secret model, 23.

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The reason she admires her fashion sense: “I just love your hippie vibe. She is so cool. She is like rock & # 39; n & # 39; roll but very delicate at the same time. She is a mix of male and female and I think she really brings it all together so well and I think she's radiant. "

Hill hopes to imitate this in everyday life and wears tailor-made suits with a feminine edge to fall.

Taylor Hill gets her clothing inspiration from Stevie NicksTaylor Hill Zoey Grossman

“I love women who wear men's clothes and how boohoo made their suits a bit more feminine with patterns and colors like the chess and pink one, ”she told Stylish.

In addition to searching for the singer of song "Edge of Seventeen" for inspiration, Hill relies on her ambient and ambient model to create the perfect look of model off.

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“Every city can inspire something different. When I'm in Paris, it's like a nice, chic French girl with a leather jacket or leather over leather, kind of trends combined with boots or heels. In Los Angeles, it's sneakers, jeans, a jacket or something lighter, because it's never cold here and there are no seasons. In New York, you can go anyway, like rock & # 39; n & # 39; roll, Kate Moss, New York or city girl in blazers and suits. I love being inspired by my atmosphere and where I am, ”she said.

Another factor in looking at her location as a style guide includes the state of the atmosphere she is in.

Taylor Hill gets her clothing inspiration from Stevie NicksTaylor Hill Zoey Grossman

“I think 100% weather affects my fashion sense, because when it's winter, I definitely wear darker, more stratified colors. In summer, it's like yellow, pink and orange, so in fall I love to make it a little darker and add more coats. "

Your favorite tone now? “I love emerald green. There are a lot of pink millennium looks for a while, so when boohoo made a green silk dress and fur coat: "That's very cool because you can still make the same monochrome color palette, but with a bolder color," she revealed.

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Something you won't find wearing it when you're not in a photo shoot or event: "I would never wear heels. I don't like to wear them. I'm six feet tall. I don't need to wear them," she spilled.

"I'm a tomboy… When I'm off and doing my things, I feel more confident. I have my dog ​​and not my hair, I don't wear much makeup and I wear jeans and a T-shirt. That's when I feel the most."

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