Thanks to Justin Bieber, We Now Know What Hailey Baldwin Smells Like

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Thanks to Justin Bieber, We Now Know What Hailey Baldwin Smells Like

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Justin and Hailey Bieber; Ariana Grande. Chelsea Lauren / Shutterstock; Matt Baron / Shutterstock

Thanks to Justin Bieber, we now know what Hailey Baldwin smells like and there's an important link from list A to her heavenly scent.

Making an appearance to play Burning Questions on The Ellen DeGeneres Show On Tuesday, March 3, the singer “Gostoso” revealed that his wife smells of Ariana Grande's perfume.

Hailey Baldwin's "Most Meaningful" tattoo is dedicated to 2 of her loved ones: "I was afraid they would go crazy"

"She smells good," he continues to say with a wide smile. "It smells good. It's like flowery and fruity and it's good."

The “Thank U, Next” singer received praise and published a clip for her Instagram feed with a black and white filter. "I know right," she wrote in the caption next to a sunglasses emoji.

This was not the only beauty secret he revealed during his surprise appearance. He also spoke of his controversial facial hair, the mustache, when the host asked if he would return.

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"I hope so," he said. "But now I am going to keep it clean because my wife, she is not enjoying it very much."

"I knew it wouldn't last long," she replied.

"She didn't like it."

In fact, the 23-year-old model was never a fan of stache. In 2018, Bieber posted a photo of himself with a mustache, next to Baldwin. Road manager Ryan Good commented on the photo, writing, "Grow your mustache back to the wedding," to which the bride replied, "Don't you dare give him that crazy idea."

And when the hit maker posted a photo on Instagram on Sunday, February 16, of his shaved face, Baldwin happily commented on the photo "Yeeeeee", with an emoji in his heart.

It was also during Tuesday's episode that he revealed his pet name to the lady. “She calls me a lot of strange things. She calls me "Goo Goo", which is kind of weird, but I like it, "said Justin, 26, to Ellen DeGeneres on Tuesday, March 3." & # 39; My little one Goo Goo & # 39 ;.

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