The big leaks about PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett

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New information about PS5 and Xbox Scarlett has come to the Internet! – The world of leaks is almost always dominated by new smartphones from Samsung, Apple and Huawei…

However, it's easy to come to the conclusion that fans of the console world are more on top of the event than the classic enthusiasts who are waiting for the big news of the Galaxy S line or when Apple is thinking about changing something in the design of your new iPhone.

Incidentally, both Sony and Microsoft know what they have at hand, so they are making big marketing moves, increasing the hype a little bit every month. With a 'leak' of information here, another there, an interview with a reputable medium, etc …

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Therefore, both companies have been trying to reveal the big news of their new consoles in turn. So Sony unveiled several details in April, and Microsoft took advantage of the June E3 2019 to also reveal some very interesting things. After all, the release is already in 2020, which leaves us something like 12 months where the leaks will only appear more strongly.

But there it is, if it is 12 months or less before the consoles are released… It is very likely that there are already several versions of the console in the studios, manufacturers labs, etc… In short, a lot of information that is ready to hit the Internet. ! By the way, some have even arrived, with photos!

Then, according to GizModo, which claims to have a tipster in its ranks working on a next-generation game for both consoles, revealed a lot of information to the publication between June and August. Now read.

First information: The consoles will not come out until 2020, because AMD is having some difficulties implementing Ray Tracing!

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After all, the Navi architecture that will be part of the new consoles is already on the market. But as you may know, without any support for Ray Tracing technology we can find in NVIDIA's offering.

Well, although Ray Tracing is in the plans, things don't seem easy to implement. This resulted in a slight delay in launching the consoles.

Second Information: The first image of the Development Kit came from this source.

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As you may remember, August was a madness for PlayStation console fans. Since it came to the Internet an image of a device that was nothing less than DevKit of the new generation console.

Well, the GizModo site already had several similar images in June. However, she chose not to post because she did not know the identity of 'Leaker'. Incidentally, these images will continue in the secret of the Gods, to now protect the source.

The image sent by the leaker was an illustration of the development kit design that we had the opportunity to show a few months ago.

Still, interestingly, in the version shared by 'Leaker', it is possible to read the phrase “PROTOTYPE 1 NOT FOR SALE” as well as a small LED with the text “STATUS 2.” Later you can still find the “STANDBY” buttons, “RE” (Record or Reset) and “EJE” (EJECT).

Third Information: PlayStation 5 prototypes have been around since 2018

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According to revelations from this source, the first PS5 prototypes came into the hands of the studios in 2018. However, the current development console with the codename 'Prospero' was only shipped this summer.

Well, the name 'Prospero' comes from a main character in William Shakespeare's The Tempest. By the way, Prospero is a wizard with a complicated spell, who is supported by Noble Gonzalo (AMD's APU Gonzalo?) And the magical spirit Ariel (Another AMD product related to the new consoles).

That said, if you don't know, a lot of rumors about the AMD hardware of these consoles have arrived on the web, with the name Gonzalo coming up. Incidentally, the reputed ker leaker ’TUM_APISAK has already revealed several details about the SoC that should bring PS5 to life.

The big leaks about PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett

Similarly, 'leaker' KOMACHI_ENSAKA also shared some details about SoC under the codename Ariel.

However, in August, the same person also shared some details about an Oberon GPU. What of course is also related to works by Shakespeare. But we don't know much about this yet.

Fourth information: The computational leap in this generation will be the biggest ever

According to all the leaker said, next-generation consoles will bring the biggest leap in computing performance ever. Still, no major grounds were given for this explanation.

(In update)

Besides, what do you think about all this? Share with us your opinion in the comments below.




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