The Blade Runner game based on the 1982 film is being redesigned to …

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The Blade Runner game based on the 1982 film is being redesigned to ...

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The Blade Runner game is being revamped for consoles and computers. The “Enhanced Edition” version will have character updates, animations and cut scenes as well. After recently being made available for purchase again after a few years of turmoil, the 1997 Blade Runner PC Adventure game has since been revamped and is ready for Playstation 4, Xboxe One, Nintendo Switch and computers.

Nightdive Studios, the company behind the System Shock and Turok makeovers, has now revealed the “Enhanced Edition” version of Blader Runner in a report to “The Hollywood Reporter”. Best of all, it will be possible to enjoy the game later this year. The studio calls this reformulation “a top polish” of the game itself, especially with everything it offers since updating its characters, etc.

The story behind the game goes back to the 1982 Ridley Scott film, that great fictional film. The game was initially developed by Westwood Studios. In 2015 and during an interview, the company's co-founder Louis Castle said that the company had lost much of the game's source code during its move from Las Vegas to Los Angeles.

Louis then had to inject financing of millions and dollars due to that fact. Future legal struggles for property rights to the game have made it virtually impossible to buy legally in recent years, and it's also a big challenge to get the game up and running on the latest PCs. But due to GOG and eight years of work and dedication from the fans, the game was finally put on the market and ready to be played.

In the Blade Runner game, your character is called Ray McCoy, just like the original character from the movie Rick Deckard, they have the task of chasing and eliminating "replicants". When it was first released, several comments were made on the game due to the way in which it had been constructed in graphic terms and even in terms of artistic direction.

Something that CEO Stephen Kick of Nightdive said he intended to retain all the benefits of the gameplay but on recent computers, and that fans deserved not that the game was the same as the previous one but that it retained its grandeur of how it was remembered.

Source: Engadget

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