The first Intel graphics cards arrive in the summer of 2020!

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The long-awaited Intel Xe architecture that is expected to bring the company's first dedicated graphics cards to life will hit the market in mid-2020. That is, according to the source, Intel will enter the graphics market around summer 2020 with a launch event at Computex 2020 or E3 2020.

First 10nm Intel Xe graphics cards hit the market in 2020!

So, as you may know, Intel is no big deal in the processor market… Which is largely due to the increasingly failing 10nm production process, which apparently will only hit the CPU market in 2021 or so. 2022! That is when AMD should be playing at 5nm or 5nm +.

  • Oops !? Intel's 10nm has just been canceled!
  • (Special) Intel has already made it public to clarify the 10nm situation!

However, according to DigiTimes, the first Intel Xe graphics cards will hit the market based on this same production technique next year! That is, the 10nm will even hit the market in 2020! But if not for CPUs… How are they for graphics cards?

So Intel is really betting everything to be the third-largest graphics company, rivaling AMD and NVIDIA in the same space. Which is not easy, considering that these two giants have been playing in the market for several decades.

“Intel's goal is to pair its processors with its graphics cards to create a truly competitive platform for gaming, data center, IA and machine learning markets.”

Interestingly, these graphics cards will use Foveros 3D technology. Which in turn means we'll see chip stacking for super fast communication between GPU, memory and I / O. In short, this will allow you to place high bandwidth memory just above the GPU die, significantly lowering the physical size of the entire logical drive.

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