The Ghost Experience: a more immersive mode for Ghost Recon Breakpoint

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The Ghost Experience: a more immersive mode for Ghost Recon Breakpoint

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The "Ghost Experience" mode will come on March 24 for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, as one of the most promising modes. According to the development team, the player will have the opportunity to choose their own parameters within the title or choose the pre-defined settings.

The expectation is great, since the launch of the title has generated some controversy in view of the space-time attributed by the producers in relation to the publication of new titles. Will this mode save the title, Breakpoint, from a long-awaited failure? Follow us and understand how this new game mode works!

Last year, the development team invited some of the elements of the Delta Company to come to the studio in Paris to conceive more realism and immersiveness to this new game mode. It is known that the Ghost Recon series seeks a narrative and gameplay associated with special operations and tactical planning – something that was not being achieved by Ubisoft, in this latest title, Breakpoint. Will the team be able to return to the production company's initial objective?

After a few months in development and after several tests performed by all types of players, including members of the Delta Company, the title players themselves, and new to the franchise, the new Ghost Experience has arrived, which promises to adapt to the tastes of the player without restricting to standard gameplay.

The Ghost Experience: a more immersive mode for Ghost Recon Breakpoint

The Ghost Experience

When you start the title, you can find two predefined options or configure your own changes:

  • Standard experience: Play Ghost Recon Breakpoint in the same way as it was released, with the “gear score” and “loot” per tier.
  • Immersive experience: The latest way to experience the game by removing the loot level and tiers completely, offering an enormous amount of tactical options.
  • Customizable experience: Choose your own selection of settings to create an almost perfect fit.

The Ghost Experience: a more immersive mode for Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Create your own Ghost experience!

It will be possible to choose from a variety of settings suggested by the community – which has been heard, especially for the development of this mode.

  • No Gear level: Customize and maintain the weapon throughout its course. Quality “tiers” and the levels of each item are disabled.
  • More realistic “allotment”: Acquire the loot of your enemies in a more realistic way, picking it up after capture or death, exchanging for weapons you own – can be achieved through missions or rewards.
  • Primary weapon quantity: Choose between carrying one or two primary weapons. The functionality was being tested in previous versions, but it will officially come with the “Ghost Experience”.
  • Ammo lost during reload: Ammo remaining in the magazine is lost when exchanged for a new one.
  • Resistance level: The resistance level can be adapted to the resistance level your character consumes.
  • Number of bandages: The number of bandages the special operations military carries was limited.
  • Risk of damage: You can choose how often you feel damage from enemy bullets.
  • Vital regeneration: Choose to limit, remove or increase the speed of life regeneration.
  • Interface settings: The interface has been rethought based on new settings:
    • Minimalist mini-map: less information on a smaller map.
    • More minimalist loot collection notifications: fewer notifications.
    • Minimalist three-dimensional loot: smaller loot objects.
  • Private mode: Meet only characters from the narrative and your teammates in Erewhon.
  • Access Maria's store: Restrict access to Maria's store to camps or just Erewhon.

The Ghost Experience: a more immersive mode for Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Difficulty setting

Both standard and immersive experience can be played on any difficulty, which can be chosen from the settings. The selectable settings are as follows:

  • Difficulty – Enemies: Changes the detection time, damage inflicted on your Ghost by enemy fire.

This same difficulty setting remains the same as always: Easy, Normal, Advanced and Extreme.

  • Difficulty – Tactic: Addresses characteristics that impact the realism of the experience, such as the number of spaces for main weapons, the number of bandages and the risk of damage.

The Ghost Experience: a more immersive mode for Ghost Recon Breakpoint

The difficulty settings of the tactical mode will be four, fully customizable: "Rookie", "Accepted", Veteran and Elite.

The Elite category, for example, will have the following settings:

  • Primary weapon slot: 1
  • Number of bandages: Many
  • Damage risk: Always
  • Resistance consumption: Extreme
  • Vital regeneration: None
  • Ammo lost on reload: Active

The immersive experience mode defaults to the tactical Veteran difficulty, while the standard difficulty is referred to as a tactical asset. Once you select your mode in the settings, you can change it at any time.

The Ghost Experience: a more immersive mode for Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Play with your team!

The settings selected through the most common mode will not be shared cooperatively with your teammates.

As with the type of difficulty selected, your choices will only apply to you, which means that no matter what players you play with, only the previously defined selections will apply.

Gear level setting

Like what has been happening with Tom Clancy's The Division 2 end-game, Breakpoint, from the same universe as the series, has been adopting this solution, which seems to have come to stay – and be one of the best solutions for both games, as far as quantitative assessment of power is concerned.

Gear Level: Active

This setting will work in the same way that it has worked in the game so far.

  • Equipment classified by level: Weapons and equipment will have levels. The greater, the greater the offensive or defensive power they will have. Your progress will be saved, regardless of disabling the “Gear Level” within the title.
  • Loot / Storage / Equipment: You will receive equipment from chests, from Maria's own store and from shot down enemies. Store all weapons and equipment in a loadout that will be of interest to you in the future.
  • In-store projects: Projects allow you to buy specific weapons from Maria's store with levels that match the weapons you have in your loadout.

The Ghost Experience: a more immersive mode for Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Gear Level: Inactive

By disabling Gear level settings, you will experience the following effects on your gaming experience.

  • Unique weapon models: Each weapon model is unique (damage, rate of fire, range, etc.). Modify them with compatible gear to suit your style of play.
  • "Scavenging Weapons": In addition to what was mentioned earlier, you can always try to "clean up the weapons" of the killed enemies. You will be able to switch between your weapon and the enemy's, as you will only be able to carry a limited number of weapons.
  • Prototypes within your Loadout: These projects will allow you to equip specific weapons within a camp or even within Erewhon.

Switching between modes

As soon as you activate or deactivate “Gear level” modes, your entire loadout (weapon set) will be saved for the next time you choose to activate or deactivate “Gear level” mode.

The Ghost Experience: a more immersive mode for Ghost Recon Breakpoint

This level associated with your equipment will continue to be monitored and recorded throughout your progress and evolution that occurs in the world of Breakpoint, ensuring that when you activate this mode again, everything has followed your evolution.

Ghost War and Project Titan

Raids and Ghost War mode will continue to use the Gear level. The first time you switch between active and inactive, in this mode, your weapon set will double.

"Project Titan"

The Titan project will only be accessible with the “Gear level” mode active. Several settings associated with PvE will be changed based on the duration of the raid: Difficulty – Enemies, Diculty – Tactics and immersive exploration mode.

"Ghost War"

As soon as you go to Ghost War mode, you will automatically activate the Gear level settings and various elements of the PvE will be changed: Difficulty – Enemies, Difficulty – Tactic and immersive exploration mode.

When you get back to PvE style, your settings will return to the starting point, before joining Ghost War mode.

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