The Latest: EU: hard to see Irish border solution with UK

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LONDON (AP) – The latest news about Britain's departure from the European Union (always local):

3:00 pm

EU chief negotiator at Brexit says it is "hard to see" at the moment how a deal can be reached to break a deadlock over an Irish border deal that the new British government wants to abandon.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is urging so-called Irish support to be withdrawn from its predecessor's withdrawal deal, which Brexit supporters fear would leave Britain too long linked to the EU.

EU negotiator Michel Barnier said after meeting with Germany's Foreign Minister on Monday in Berlin that "based on current UK thinking, it is difficult to see how we can come up with a legally operative solution that meets the all rear objectives ".

He added that "we remain open to conversation and make progress" and we will be "open and respectful."



Britain's Supreme Court will give its verdict on Tuesday on the legality of Prime Minister Boris Johnson's suspension of parliament for five weeks.

Britain's high court plans to announce the ruling on Tuesday at 10:30.

He is deciding whether Johnson acted inappropriately, closing Parliament for five weeks before Britain's Brexit deadline on October 31, when the country is due to leave the European Union. The topic deeply divided British politicians and the public.

The government says the decision to suspend parliament has been routine, but activists, including many lawmakers, say Johnson has overtaken his authority in an attempt to avoid parliamentary scrutiny.

The lower courts of the United Kingdom were divided over the matter.



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