The new Intel Core i3 continues to impress on leaks!

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As we said this morning, Intel is planning a rather curious strategy to end the hype that AMD has been developing in recent years. In fact, in fact, Intel wants to end the AMD race, and for that, is willing to shell out $ 3 billion!

  • Intel is planning to compete with AMD on price! But how!?

However, Intel's effort will not only be made with price cuts and aggressive marketing campaigns. The microprocessor giant will also significantly increase the performance of all its products, from the lowest to the highest range.

Proof of this is the benchmark leaks of the Intel Core i3-10100! That show performance levels at the level of the Intel Core i7-7700, a processor that until recently was the high end of an entire line of branded processors.

  • The new Intel Comet Lake i3 will be a great surprise!

Intel will seriously bet on all ranges… Starting with the Core i3! That are impressing in performance

To get an idea of ​​the performance boost, the new Intel Core i3-10100 will be 31% faster than the current i3-9100, bringing Hyper-Threading technology to the low end. (Historically, technology has been associated with the i7 and i9 ranges only)

That is, to make the most of the microarchitecture which in fact is exactly the same as Intel has been using for the last few years (Skylake)… The brand has decided to enable HyperThreading on all Intel Core processors. That is, the new i3-10100 is a 4-core, 8-thread Turbo Boost chip.

Which of course, has resulted in a very interesting performance boost if we take into account the SiSoft SANDA database which shows a 10100 capable of reaching 382.61 MPix / s, which is a 31% increase from 290 MPix / s s from i3-9100.

In short, if Intel remains at the same prices it has been charging, we can expect this new processor in the range of ~ 100 €, ie a new rival for the AMD Ryzen 3200G.

Besides, what do you think about all this? Share with us your opinion in the comments below.

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