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The PlayStation 5 will have a revolutionary virtual assistant!

by ace

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The PlayStation 5 will have a revolutionary virtual assistant! – Like the Siri Virtual Assistant on iPhone, or prefer the Google Assistant you can find on many Android devices? In short, you can already find various types of virtual assistants on various devices… However, it was something that did not exist in the world of consoles!

So if you happen to like this kind of functionality, and you are thinking about getting your hands on a PlayStation 5, it looks like you're in luck.

PlayStation 5 will bring a new AI virtual assistant, which may well change the way you play

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Therefore, Sony has registered a new patent suggesting a voice assist technology specially designed for PlayStation 5, according to the WIPO website.

Called “PlayStation Assist”, the function could allow a new way of interacting with the upcoming games and features of the new generation Sony console. Yes! It's not just going to be just another wizard like the ones we can already find on smartphones, it's going to be something useful within the console games themselves.

That is, according to the patent description, players will be able to ask questions about the running game. An example of this is Horizon Zero Dawn. The player asks the nearest health source and the assistant will show the location on the map.

Similarly, the new technology will also look for solutions by analyzing game data and then relay the information to the user. So while PS4 already has a voice assistant (albeit extremely limited)… The new patent could bring something really new to the table! And who knows, change the world of consoles.

Besides, what do you think about all this? Share with us your opinion in the comments below.


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