The president lies

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President Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) likes to refer to Jesus' words in the Gospel of St. John (8:32): "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." He repeated them as he opened the UN General Assembly debates. on Tuesday (24), when in fact he lied left and right.

Bolsonaro never quotes the beginning of the passage quoted in verse 31: "If you abide in my word, you will be truly my disciples."

The president seems to confuse liberation, which in the Bible stems from heeding the divine word, with what he (and not He) arbitrarily takes for granted. For the faithful Christian, the truth of Jesus is. Bolsonaro's, for civil society, is discussed.

The captain demands absolute loyalty –of the family, the ministers, the generals, the sucker, the voters, the businessmen. Who does not pray for his creed to fall away. Love it or leave it.

There are falsehoods in much of what he utters as absolute truths, falsehoods taken for real by an eighth of the Brazilian population who devote blind faith to his word. Bolsonaro recites his dogmas to co-religionists, not citizens.

Not even speaking before the heads of state was able to inhibit their counterfeits. The work of verifying or denying presidential raids has already been carried out, more readily and acumenly, by the agencies Lupa and A Fatos; Only the blatant lies will reproduce here.

The president lied at the UN when he said that Cubans from the Mais Médicos program would have been prevented from bringing spouses and children to Brazil. And also by saying that they had no qualified training to practice medicine.

The president lied at the UN when he said his government is committed to preserving the environment. Under his yoke, the billionaire Amazon Fund was snubbed; climate research funding reduced to 5%; the vilified, National Institute for Space Research (Inpe); your deforestation satellite data, disqualified as false.

Ibama and ICMBio were handled; fines for environmental infractions, downgraded to the lowest in 11 years; the burned, denied (even after sending troops to erase them).

The president lied at the UN when he declared that the Amazon remains virtually untouched. There is no shortage of studies, images, data and official records showing that almost one fifth of the biome has already become smoke.

The president lied at the UN when he boasted that Brazil was one of the countries that most protected the environment. Columbia and Yale ranking with the World Economic Forum, founded on 24 indicators, ranks 69th out of 180 nations. For the World Bank, it is in 32nd place in forest preservation.

The president lied at the UN when he accused Yanomami indigenous land of housing 15,000 people in a larger area than Portugal. There are more than 25 thousand.

This is neither little nor much, but what the art. 231 of the Constitution: "Indians are recognized (…) the original rights over the lands they traditionally occupy, and it is for the Union to demarcate, protect and enforce all their property."

The president lied at the UN when he declared that only 8% of the land is used here to produce food. The pastures where cumin and cows graze cover another 21% of the national territory.

The president lied at the UN when he mouthed to recite John, 8, 32. He is unaware of the search for truth, for he despises the evidence, and remains a slave to ignorance, pride, and a sinister ideology.

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