The reality based on liver steaks

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The reality based on liver steaks

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An experienced man went on to complain to his children about his neighbor upstairs. He said that in any room that he was, he heard the mole trampling in a provocative and loud way. The troubled man knew the boy was monitoring him, although he had no idea how.

Their afflictions were so vehement, their children were persuaded to search their home for something that would incriminate the sadistic neighbor. Obviously, they found nothing, a fact that did not prevent the anxious man's distrust from getting worse and extending to his children.

Finally, the paranoid lord hid in a corner of his apartment, fleeing from the rags that only he could see. Out of control, he was admitted to a hospital.

Accommodated in a hospital room, the new patient threatened to kick everyone who approached, including the neurologist who analyzed him. The doctor was pessimistic, because the break with reality, as he now witnessed, usually foreshadows a terrible fate.

However, the doctor retained euphemisms when announcing to the family that he would discover the best treatment as soon as he had the test results. Intimately, he suspected that "better treatment" would mean little.

Accompanied by a dedicated nurse, whose eyes were filled with compassion, the doctor concentrated on checking tests. When shaking her bun, she asked: is he going to get better? Are you going to kick us again?

The neurologist, with two words, replied that he still did not have the answers. At that moment, he restrained his desire to ask her for a prayer that could be a miracle. He would give only negative answers, but he was aware that all would be incomplete, for now. Then he resisted the precipitations and concentrated on finishing the analysis of tests, some very expensive and with complicated names.

A complete blood count, an examination that shows the amount of red and white blood cells that even the most modest laboratory can perform quickly, gave a clue and canceled the unsightly premises.

The patient had mild anemia, in other words, slightly less red blood cells in his blood. However, these blood cells were larger than they normally should be, an indication that the patient was lacking in vitamin B12. The agile nurse took care of the replacement of the prescribed micronutrient. Months later, the patient had recovered his criticism.

The knowledge used by the neurologist to solve the case had a pillar built in 1849, the year in which the doctor Thomas Addison described, for the first time, a fatal disease that caused pallor, weakness and progressive deterioration of health. Later studies revealed that patients with that disease had anemia with large red blood cells, just like our good man. This disease was called pernicious anemia.

It was not long before other doctors identified neurological problems that this condition caused, such as loss of motor coordination, touch and strength. The cure was only discovered in the 20th century, through the ingestion of liver extract.

Finally, vitamin B12 was isolated, a nutrient abundant in the liver tissues, whose deficiency caused the disease. Other clinical manifestations of vitamin B12 deficiencies were later described, including delirium.

Do not think that such knowledge ascended straight down steps paved by successive scientific discoveries. Evolution emerged out of a smoke of confusion.

Note that until the middle of the 20th century there were no tests to confirm diagnostic assumptions and, to make matters worse, any diagnosis was attributed to advanced forms of syphilis, as this infection can cause exactly the same symptoms as pernicious anemia, as well as so many other unknown diseases. at the time.

Therefore, determining a diagnosis was not an easy task. To add to the confusion, erroneous or fake clinical observations forged like real non-existent diseases, while real diseases were often inaccurately detailed. These failures forced scholars to review their peers, for laborious decades, in search of consensus that arose at great cost.

Therefore, a lot of intellectual struggle took place so that today we can recognize that our perception of reality depends on a tiny nutrient present in small amounts in our body and well stored in the liver.


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