The Unexpected Reason Jenny Mollen Encourages Fans to Sleep Naked

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The Unexpected Reason Jenny Mollen Encourages Fans to Sleep Naked

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Jenny Mollen at the Hudson River Park Friends playground committee lunch on January 24, 2020 in New York City, Kristin Callahan / ACE Pictures / Shutterstock

Some sleep naked because of it, but there is an extra special reason for the actress and comedian Jenny Mollen who is sleeping naked this winter.

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Currently, Mollen is encouraging his followers on social media to participate in the Gold Bond Nude Sleep Challenge – a test to see who can, well, sleep naked the longest. The old one My partner knows best host stepped up to try the challenge in the search for hydrated skin and better sleep.

O Live Fast Die Hot The author admitted that this was her first time sleeping naked … always! “Sleeping naked reminded me a lot of my parents in the 70s, like free love, when everyone sleeps naked and goes topless,” explained Mollen, reflecting on life before the challenge.

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When Gold Bond approached Mollen to participate, she said We that the timing seemed right. "I have two boys who are obviously big fans of being naked all the time," said Mollen Weekly Over the phone. "And in the dead of winter, now, specifically, I'm so dry. I can't hydrate myself enough."

To help the world stay dry and itchy this winter, the brand wants fans to relax Gold Bond Healing Lotion, Gold Bond Night Lotion or Radiance Gold Bond Renewal Lotion before sliding between the sheets au natural.

The mother of two did us the favor of guiding us on her current nighttime lotion and strip regime. She applies the Radiance Renewal formula right after the shower or before bed, if you forget it for the first time.

From there, it's easy. "I drop my Wendy Williams tunic and stay under the covers, as if under the sheets of a facial." Mollen noted that she is afraid of the fire alarm going off at night, but despite that, she said she is "instantly more relaxed" at this point in her routine.

In the rare cases where you doubt the effects of sleeping naked while soapy in lotion, dermatologist Hadley C. King, certified by the New York board of directors, supports this from a medical point of view. "I believe that sleeping naked is a great way to give your skin a chance to breathe and breathe," she said. "I recommend moisturizing just before going to bed, so your skin can get a boost of restorative hydration while you sleep."

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Mollen noticed that his skin feels softer and more hydrated just a few days into the challenge. So now she wants her husband Jason Biggs to try. "I want him to accept the Sleep Naked challenge, because I don't know if he can do it mentally," said Mollen. "He's so tied to the linen shirts he's been using in bed for 20 years. When he gets home this weekend or the next, I'm going to soap him up and make him try."

To share your experience with Mollen and Gold Bond, mark #SleepNakedChallenge and #GoldBond in your non-nude social media post.

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