The Xbox Project Scarlett

by ace

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With the news the Xbox Project Scarlett making the rounds, what does it mean for the older generations of Xbox like the One S?

Would they continue to support the hardware?

I think they would continue to support it and how much and how long kinda depends on what goes on with the new system.

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For instance, will the new system be backward compatible? Because if it is, then, keep making Xbox One games for at least another year or two because all the people that still own Xbox Ones are gonna benefit from that but you’re also giving this library of new games that are still appealing to people buying a new system.

They’re not necessarily gonna be pushing it power-wise, but as long as there are still great games, why not?

Based on how much the current generation is focused on adding backward compatibility, I don’t see why they wouldn’t do that for the next system.

I think what’s more interesting to talk about though is the fact that along with rumors of a new Xbox coming out sometime in like, 2020, there’s also the focus on the idea of Xbox focusing on cloud gaming, on streamable games. If that’s the case, not only do we have a new system that’s powerful, or maybe even some kind of cheap system that’s just streamable games, you could open it up to the Xbox One as well, giving this new functionality where owners of an Xbox One S or One X can play these newer games through streaming.

The Xbox Project Scarlett

Project Scarlett really will be three new consoles.
1. A traditional console
2. A streaming console
3. A portable console.
This will be the most ambitious project of video games ever.
Microsoft wanna be the king of next-gen.

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It may not be the absolute best experience versus actually buying a new console but it would still give another use for these current generation systems and just give a whole new strength to the entire line.

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