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Things are changing! 60% of European citizens prefer AMD

by ace
Intel vs AMD

Things are changing! 60% of European citizens prefer AMD – It is no news to anyone that AMD is having a year 2019 that should be framed somewhere in the company's offices!

After all, we are talking about a manufacturer who had (and somehow still has) the rotary bank rope to press on his neck for several years. But it is now ahead of Intel's main rival on several market fronts, as it begins to make a dent in NVIDIA's pockets.

It's really amazing, and it deserves a lot of praise… However, as you may know, changing the mindset of consumers is not easy! Especially the less informed, who don't spend hours like us reading articles and product comparison specials.

After all, we are talking about Intel, which has been the best choice in terms of performance in the computer world for years. One poll would be expected to continue to give the giant Blue the upper hand, or at least only to show a surge of growth towards rival AMD.

However, things are not quite like that! 60% of European consumers already prefer AMD products over Intel components

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Therefore, an independent study conducted by the European Hardware Association (EHA) revealed that AMD is now ahead of Intel in the CPU world. So far so good, we have seen sales from European retailers, and this conclusion is not that far off the mark. Expected. Still, this is the first time that we have seen a study of this far reaching black and white, confirming that what is going on is not just a passing thing, and that Intel really needs to open its eyes if it doesn't want to. have a bad time.

That said, according to the EHA, 60% of the European population (10,000 respondents) showed to prefer AMD in the CPU market. A very significant change compared to ~ 40% last year. In addition to CPUs, Radeon graphics cards are also seen with better eyes in 2019. (19% -> 23%)

Interestingly, if you don't know, it seems that things on the Intel side are not going well. With several rumors talking about mass layoffs at any time. By the way, two very important figures from the Intel graphics effort have already gone to the street eye, although they have just arrived.

In short, the industry is really changing!

Besides, what do you think about all this? Share with us your opinion in the comments below.


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