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Tips: How to connect AirPods to Macbook Pro?

by ace
Tips: How to connect AirPods to Macbook Pro?

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It is expected that more AirPods and AirPods Pro will be used with the iPhone smartphone or even an iPad, as they are more portable and easier to carry. So what if we instead walk around during our daily lives with a 16 ″ Macbook Pro? Yes, it is also possible to connect AirPods to the Mac and we will tell you how to do this, thus making it the only headset you will ever have to use if you have the Apple ecosystem.

It is true that walking with the AirPods connected to the iPhone 11 Pro is an excellent set and they work very well with each other. Apple is an expert in this type of production, making a product feel like part of our equipment, as if it were its extension and complement.

With this set of iPhone 11 Pro and AirPods you will be able to obtain sound with excellent quality in addition to being able to use Siri commands while listening to your music, such as scheduling appointments, adding reminders among other situations all without using the iPhone.

As designed to work, Apple made connecting AirPods to the iPhone a very simple and straightforward process for the user, but at the same time it also made it very easy to transfer sound from one device to another, whether switching between an iPhone and an iPad or even an Apple Watch, and also including how logical the MacBook Pro would be.

First of all we have to pair our headsets with the iPhone. So we have to:

  • Unlock our iPhone
  • Keep the Airpods charging box close to your smartphone
  • Open the case cover
  • Wait for the iPhone screen to show the Airpods acknowledgment message
  • Then follow the messages that are presented to you.

The only difference is that if you are using these Airpods with another device that is not associated with your iCloud, you will have to reset the charging box (button on the back of it).

How to switch to your MacBook Pro

If your Mac is already associated with your account, it should be the same as the one found on the iPhone. In an ideal world and if everything is supposed to be, just click on the speaker symbol in the top bar and simply choose the Airpods, as simple as that. If that doesn't happen, you should go to system preferences and Bluetooth connections and there you can manually choose the device and connect to the Airpods.

Tips: How to connect AirPods to Macbook Pro?

Here's how to connect your Airpods to the MacBook Pro:

  • Turn on Bluetooth;
  • Open the Airpod box;
  • Place the Airpods inside the box;
  • Keep the box open and press and hold the rear button;
  • Wait for the indicator light to start flashing white;
  • On your MacBook Pro, choose Airpods from your list of devices and connect;

Note that when you return to your iPhone, you must go through the same pairing process again.

Source: AppleInsider

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