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Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino hints at January spending spree after Carabao…

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Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino hints at January spending spree after Carabao...

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Tottenham Chef Mauricio Pochettino suggested a busy transfer window in January.

Pochettino saw his shocked side at the Carabao Cup when league two Colchester United dumped Spurs out of competition.

The Premier League the giants couldn't find their way in 90 minutes and went on penalties. Christian Eriksen and Lucas Moura missed the penalty to get Colchester through.

Pochettino has regularly implied that he is not very happy with his team after a relatively quiet transfer window in the summer.

And the Argentine has now suggested a review in January, when the Spurs try to enjoy last season's Champions League final.

"It's [difficult] because we have the experience in football and the feelings in the preseason I said," said Pochettino.

"Now it's about getting to a difficult situation and we need to make up for the time we lost in the preseason.

“Maybe our performances are good, but it's about having a different agenda and we need to build that together.

“We are working hard to put everyone on the same page. We just need time.

“January will also be a good opportunity to resolve this situation and the next.

“That's the problem when something happens that you can't control.

“It means that we are human and in football. To maintain the period of success in football, you have to be different each season and find different solutions.

"We need to do something different and we will do it."

Pochettino's relationship with Tottenham President Daniel Levy sometimes seems tense.

The pair had clear talks last month after Pochettino publicly voiced his complaint about not having had time to transfer decisions.

"We needed to have a conversation last week and this week was the same," Pochettino said at the time.

“The most important thing is to help the club and team present themselves and be on the same page. Communicating in a good place always helps.

“Sometimes our view of the professional side cannot be the same and sometimes [us] we may have some disagreement.

“But most importantly, the personal relationship is still strong.

"This morning, Daniel showed me a picture we took on the last day on White Hart Lane, where we are together with the coaching staff and their family, and he said," Look, our personal relationship is still there. " ; "

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