Twitter's dark mode, Lights Out, comes to android

by ace

Since launching on iOS users in March, Twitter's 'Lights Out' dark mode has proven to be one of the most popular features. Lights Out is a pure black color palette that does not emit light because pixels are off.

This makes eyes much easier, especially when browsing Twitter in darker environments.

When it was announced in March, Bryan Haggerty, Twitter's senior design manager, said: “Giving people more options to customize their Twitter experience based on what makes them more comfortable is what is the latest Dark Mode update. "

While the feature was previously only available to iOS users, Twitter finally launched it on Android.

He tweeted, “Welcome to the dark side, Android users. You can now turn off the lights on Twitter. "

How to activate

Anyway, as the feature is so popular, by the way, dark modes in many apps are popular in many apps… Nothing fairer than being released to users who claim it.

As always, activating these features is not difficult, just follow a few basic steps as soon as the function is activated. Of course, always remember to update your app to the latest version… Anyway, let's go step by step:


  1. Open your Twitter app and touch your photo in the top left
  2. In the bottom left corner, touch the light bulb icon – this will activate Light off mode


  1. Go to Settings, then Video and Sound
  2. There you can turn Dark mode on or off and choose whether you prefer Dim or Lights Out. You can also turn automatic dark mode on and off here.

With this you can easily enable your dark mode on Android or iOS. And continue the current trend of this theme that is not expected to fall when it comes to popularity…




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