Tyson Fury makes worrying injury admission ahead of Deontay Wilder rematch

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Tyson Fury makes worrying injury admission ahead of Deontay Wilder rematch

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Tyson's Fury admits that the horrible cut he suffered above his eyes last year may open up in his rematch with Deontay Wilder. The former unified heavyweight champion suffered two horrific injuries above his right eye in his unanimous decision victory over Otto Wallin last September.

One of the cuts was a deep cut along the eyebrow, which required 47 surprising stitches to close.

Understandably, there are concerns that Fury's cut could reopen on his second and eagerly awaited second encounter with Wilder, who many consider the strongest punch in boxing history.

Fury, however, is not thinking about the possibility of the wound reopening.

"The eyes are doing well," "The Gypsy King" recently told Sky Sports News. “The eye is well healed. Is there any risk? I don't know why I'm not a surgeon.

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“Whether it opens, it all depends on how good the plastic surgeon was, how quickly it opens. Because of the power I have, I know how to open a man.

Wilder, 34, believes that the severity of Fury's cut should lead to an interruption of the fight, saying, "Come on, bro. This is a deep 15 cm cut, like a rainbow over the eyebrow.

“It was longer than the eyebrow itself. Two inches wide. Bro, it was an automatic stop, but we all know that a lot of money is involved. "

Fury is preparing for his second chance at Wilder in Sin City and appears to be in phenomenal shape before his third world title fight.

He plans to tip the balance at 270 pounds, 14 pounds heavier than he weighed on his first encounter with the American.

Wilder's trainer Jay Deas is not concerned about the extra weight Fury will have on fight night, telling World Boxing News: “Tyson Fury can say what he wants about what the fight will be like.

“But whatever the game plan, we will be well prepared for that. Regarding his weight, he's a big guy anyway. Heavy weights must not let the scales dictate anything.

"As long as a heavyweight is training hard and eating well, the weight will be the weight."

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