Warren says she will soon release plan to fund ‘Medicare for All’

by ace

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren said on Sunday she will soon release a plan detailing how to pay for "Medicare for All" afterfacing criticism from some of its rivals in 2020 for refusing to go into detail about how your health plan would be funded.

"What I see, though, is that we need to talk about the cost, and I plan in the coming weeks to come up with a plan that specifically discusses the cost of Medicare for All and specifically how we pay for it," said Massachusetts. said the senator during a campaign parade in Indianola, Iowa.

Warren backed 2020 competitor Sen. Bernie SandersMedicare for All plan. She said on Sunday that every Democratic candidate knows "the cheapest way to make sure everyone gets the health care they need is Medicare for All, which is why I support Medicare for All." .

"You now know that cost estimates for Medicare for All vary by trillions and trillions of dollars, and the different revenue streams on how to finance the funding are many," she said. "So this is something I've been working on for months and months and it takes a little more work to finish."

As Warren got to a point with former vice president Joe Biden in the polls, the rest of the field intensified attacks focusing on how she would fund Medicare for All. She was criticized during the latest debate in the Democratic primaries when she declined to answer yes or no about whether the middle class would face a tax increase to pay for the plan, and refuse more broadly to clearly explain how the plan would be funded.

Sanders said the middle class would be subject to tax increases to fund health insurance, but insisted that Americans would pay less for overall health costs as a result of the plan's approval.




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