Weight loss diet plan behind this woman’s incredible transformation revealed

by ace

One woman revealed her incredible online weight loss transformation.

The 23-year-old woman lost 6.2 stones, from 16.4 to 10 healthier stones.

They wrote: “I found some old pictures of how I was against last week on vacation.

"Most of the time, I got rid of all my old photos, but after a week without feeling very well, it was good to find them and see how far I get."

The Reddit user followed a fishermen's diet to lose weight.

What is the fishermen's diet?

A fishery diet is a meatless diet, however, those who are in the flat eat seafood like fish and shellfish.

Fish is known to be full of protein and healthy fats that can increase weight loss.

The Reddit user has written a list of all his diet tips and tricks, including also intermittent fasting.

She revealed that she was eating all her calories within an eight-hour window to get fit.

However, there are different ways to fast like this.

The 5: 2 diet is another example of intermittent fasting.

In addition, the dieter does HIIT cardio exercises three or four times a week.

How else is she thin? She wrote: "Raw cocoa butter saffron / coffee cream that boosts my energy and helps me keep my appetite / cravings low (I discovered it a month ago and made a lot of difference. It's a necessity for me.

“Eating my own meals (honestly I still eat quite often, but I feel I can find a balance that works for me, and if I expect to eat that day, I eat my food that day).

“Beware of liquid calories. I am a person who can easily drink 4/5 coffees a day and with insanely increasing milk / cream.

"Finding out all the empty calories I would consume only from my coffees made it easier for Americans to move."

Another woman revealed the diet plan she went on to lose three stones in a few months.

The 27-year-old decided to share how she managed her weight loss transformations to please fans of social media site Reddit.

Answering a fan question about how she managed to lose weight, she revealed that she combined different diets to keep things interesting and different to encourage natural weight loss.



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