What is the best place where the fingerprint reader should be?

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What is the best place where the fingerprint reader should be?

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Despite the fact that Apple came up with its Face-ID as the new biometric security system for its equipment, there are other manufacturers that decided to continue to bet on Touch-ID in their future models. On the one hand we can even understand given that in some more specific scenarios it is easier to put your finger for a biometric reading than to be positioning our eyes in a certain way so that the equipment recognizes us and gives us access to it.

Apple certainly must have had reasons to go ahead with Face-ID and put this technology in its latest equipment, after years of using Touch-ID. According to the manufacturer, this new technology is much safer to access our devices, even compared to Touch-ID and normal fingerprint readers in general. However, other brands seem to have a different idea.

It is thought to be safe to say that both Google and Samsung devices are not far behind Apple and somehow unlock them with facial recognition. There are some manufacturers who have tried harder than others to try to reach the level of Apple technology, however none yet successfully, given that in fact Apple's Face-ID is the latest technology in relation to biometrics for mobile devices .

This Face-ID has only been implemented by the brand in its latest equipment and mainly the tops of the range both in terms of iPhone and iPad. In fact, those who get used to Apple's Face-ID do not want to go back to fingerprint readers. The ease and speed of recognition with which it works is incredible, the recognition even in the dark is sensational, although there are reports that Face-ID is more effective for example on the iPad Pro than on the iPhone itself.

However, like everything in life, Face-ID also has its drawbacks, for example, when we use a certain type of sunglasses, as well as all the configuration that is necessary to associate all the services that can work with Face- ID, mainly for recognition so that we can make purchases on the App Store.

In addition to the inconvenience of having the equipment lying flat on a table and having to lift or tilt our head so that we are recognized. In this particular case, a fingerprint reader on the front of the equipment is an asset by simply placing your finger and the equipment is unlocked.

As we can see, the technology behind Face-ID is in fact top notch but it is not always the most suitable, mainly depending on the scenarios we need to unlock the equipment. One of the alternative options in addition to the fingerprint readers in the front section like the equipment with Touch-ID, is the new trend of having the fingerprint reader on the device's on / off button.

Something that, if you think about it, is a great idea. We will then see what the market trend will be and the evolution of biometric recognition technologies that will emerge or evolve.

Source: PhoneDog

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