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Whatsapp It is the world's most popular chat platform, in part because of its constant innovation. Facebook's proprietary mobile app delivers nice touches unavailable to most of its competitors. For example, redial characters help users emphasize certain words in italics or bold, and WhatsApp even allows users to cross words and change fonts.

WhatsApp's formatting feature is available for Apple iOS and Android devices, with slight differences between the two.

Earlier WhatsApp iterations offered more options for Android than for iPhone.

But now it is almost identical in every respect.

Consequently, it is important to ensure that users upgrade to the latest version of WhatsApp to make the most of text formatting in their chats.

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How to use Markdown for formatting:

WhatsApp allows users to customize their messages with italic, bold, and strikethrough text by entering special characters before and after the text.

The use of these special characters is known as redialing.

Users can even turn regular fonts into monospaced fonts with the correct syntax – here it is.

Enter an underscore (_) on both sides of a word or phrase to italicize it.

Add an asterisk (*) to either side of a word or phrase to make it bold.

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Including a tilde (~) on both sides of a word or phrase to cross out the text.

Enter a trio of deep accents, also known as quotes or back-ticks (“), on either side of a word or phrase to use the monospaced font.

WhatsApp for iOS and Android provides live text viewing as you type, allowing users to see precisely how messages are displayed when sent.

Users can combine italics, bold and strikethrough if they wish.

However, if monospace is applied to any other formatted text, it will be canceled because monospace removes all formatting when the font is changed.

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How to format through contextual menu:

Android and iOS also contain a simple contextual menu, allowing users to select bold, italic, strikethrough, or monospace.

Android users should press the target word and drag the sliders to highlight more words or characters if necessary.

They can also tap vertical ellipses in the contextual menu that appears and select their formatting option.

Apple iOS users can also press and double-tap the word to see the selection.



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