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Why You Need to Raise a Glass to Lauren Conrad’s New Kohl’s Collection

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Why You Need to Raise a Glass to Lauren Conrad's New Kohl's Collection

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Lauren Conrad celebrates the 10th anniversary of the LC Lauren Conrad collection on December 5, 2019 in West Hollywood, California. Jennifer Graylock / Getty Images for Kohls

Time to have the champagne! A decade ago, Lauren Conrad, 33, launched her eponymous clothing line at Kohl's. What began strictly as a fashion collection has turned into a whole lifestyle brand, full of shoes, jewelry, bags, accessories and decor.

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To commemorate the brand's 10th anniversary, Kohl launched the second drop of LC Lauren Conrad's birthday and holiday collection. At an event on Thursday, December 5, the New York Times bestselling author told us: “For the November and December collections, we really wanted to look like a celebration of all that we have advocated over the years and done. this through fabrics and colors. "

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For the special collection, Conrad has designed party-ready pieces that celebrate the colors that have defined the chic and feminine brand over the years. "November was predominantly pink and then December was blue," said the mother of two. "It was a lot of fun marketing it [with Kohl's] and making it look very romantic and celebratory."

Lauren Conrad Kohl CollectionPieces of the collection.

Designer's favorite pieces from the new collection include "any sequin" and the brand's Fringe Jacket, available in three different colors. During the winter months, the philanthropist said she is looking for "a bit more fun, because on holiday you can dress more festive."

"Whenever something happens in my life, we talk about it within the company," said Conrad. “So when I got married, we did an entire clothing store or did special occasions when I was pregnant, we did maternity, and when I started furnishing my first home, we started doing it at home. It has always been very true to where I am with my life. "

Lauren Conrad Kohl CollectionJennifer Graylock / Getty Images for Kohls

So when you put a new star line piece on this holiday, Conrad's hope is that it will bring you confidence. "I like it when I wear an outfit and feel great about myself, and my hope is that people who buy the line will experience the same thing."

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