Will SSDs completely replace HDD storage?

by ace

As I've said here many times, one of the biggest / best upgrades you can make to your desktop or laptop PC… is switching from the 'old man' HDD disk to an SSD drive! After all, you will notice an improvement in all aspects, boot speed, application loading, etc…

This is something I have been recommending for several years! Still, there has always been room for a traditional mechanical disk (HDD) on all PCs due to its much lower cost per GB compared to an SSD.

In the background, so far, the idea has always been to have a super fast SSD drive for Windows installation and other important applications, with a second mechanical disk to put the rest of the junk, such as photos, series, videos, etc. But how You may have noticed in recent years that SSDs have become super cheap, a trend that is likely to continue in the coming years.

Which begs the question… Will HDDs 'die' to make room for SSDs?

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So SSDs are clearly better than HDDs when it comes to performance. Where its major disadvantage continues to be the price per GB. That is, it gets much more storage capacity on the side of HDDs.

However, in recent years, the price of flash memory has plummeted! Which in turn has negated this disadvantage compared to old mechanical disks. Incidentally, the technology that brings HDD discs to life is also becoming cheaper. But manufacturers insist on not lowering prices, with a 1TB 7200RPM drive costing ~ 45 € for anything like 4 years. (Not to ruin profit margins)

SSD drives are already replacing HDD drives in various markets at a rate that increases every year.

After all, if we look at the major notebook manufacturers, such as ASUS, Apple, MSI, etc … All new machines come to the market equipped with an SSD. Often they even come with an M.2 disk that has several advantages over the traditional 2.5 ”SSD.

Meanwhile, the server and database market is also starting to focus more on this technology, thanks to its speed and increasing reliability. In fact, even the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlet will bring a PCIe 4.0 SSD to boost the performance of the entire system.

So while HDDs still have the price advantage. Things can change picture quite quickly. Many thanks to the launch of new technologies in this space. And increasing adoption of technology. Now read:

Interestingly, modern operating systems themselves complain a lot if they are installed on an HDD instead of an SSD. That is, SSD storage is already considered standard for many industry giants. It is almost obligatory.

In short, in our opinion, it seems that SSDs will actually take the place of old mechanical disks. However, if you need huge amounts of storage right away, the answer remains to be a good HDD.

Besides, what do you think about all this? Share with us your opinion in the comments below.



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