Will the PlayStation 5 controller monitor our hearts !?

by ace
Will the PlayStation 5 controller monitor our hearts !?

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Truth be told, patents are not always a window to the future, being just something that companies have in mind, but do not know if they will or want to implement in their products. Still, Sony has recently published a patent, which shows that it is at least considering implementing an extremely interesting technology in DualShock 5.

(DualShock 5) Will the PlayStation 5 controller monitor our hearts !?

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Therefore, according to this curious patent from Sony, the new DualShock 5 may even reach the market with the ability to monitor heart rates, as well as the player's sweat. For what? To dynamically change some elements of the game, just like the difficulty.

It is no longer a big news for anyone that Sony is putting a lot of focus on its next DualShock controller. After all, we will have a new haptic engine, triggers adaptable via software, dynamic resistance, among other things. In other words, Sony is trying to re-invent the relationship between the player and the controller, in order to somehow try to increase immersion levels.

Well, if this functionality is really integrated, this mentality can go a step further!

In short, in short, what we have here is a command that reads the player's state of mind. By collecting biometric information while playing your favorite titles.

Can you imagine this feature in horror games?

Imagine playing a horror game with graphics and a new generation environment, with an engine capable of interpreting your vital signs so as not only to not lower the difficulty of the challenge … How do you know? Maybe even increase it to give you the 'shit' of your life.

In addition to all this, all the information can be collected can be used for the studios themselves to improve their projects. To find out how players react to certain situations.

Will the PlayStation 5 controller monitor our hearts !? – Besides, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.


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