Xbox Games With Gold: December games have been announced!

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After the PS Plus games of December were announced, it is now time for the Xbox Games With Gold games to be released. And in fact, we can admit that a lot of good things will happen during this month.

This is because, the games that will be free during December will be Insane Robots, Jurassic World Evolution, Toy Story 3 and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. So start preparing space on your Xbox now so you don't miss a hint of this new content.

Which games are these for sure, and what is the main purpose of each?

Insane Robots

Xbox Games With Gold: December games have been announced!

This is nothing less than a strategy game where the main objective of each player is to command an army of robots. So get ready for the upcoming battle that won't be easy and try to find the best strategies.

Insane Robots can be installed for free from December 1st until December 31st.

Jurassic World Evolution

Xbox Games With Gold: December games have been announced!

In this game, the goal of each player will be to create a dinosaur park that is safe for everyone. However, you have to try to avoid as much as you normally see in movies, such as dinosaurs coming loose and running around the city.

Jurassic World Evolution can be installed between December 16th and January 15th.

Toy story 3

Xbox Games December

The adventure in this game follows exactly the same as the movie, where players will have to walk around trying to avoid problems as much as possible. However, you will always have your friends around so they can work together.

Toy Story 3 can be installed from December 1st to December 15th.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate HD

Xbox Games December

In this game, players will play various characters, where the main objective will be to stop Dracula. This is because after all the atrocities committed over time and after having murdered the mother of the main character. This vampire really deserves to die.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate HD can be installed from December 16-31.

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In short, these are the Xbox Games With Gold games this December. So if you happen to like any of them, keep an eye on their dates and start saving some space on your console.

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