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Zara McDermott, 23, appeared on the reality show Love Island last year and found love with Adam Collard. The couple dated for eight months before going their separate ways. Since her appearance on the show, Zara has become a regular television figure and now the reality cat is turning her hand to the music in Simon Cowell's upcoming The X Factor: Celebrity. The star had a scary health incident last year. What is it and what are the symptoms to watch for?

Zara was rushed to hospital last year with what she thought was appendicitis.

She later discovered that her illness was the result of excess fluid in the womb, pressing on her organs.

Speaking to the Sun about how painful her infection was, Zara said: “I vomited about 11 times in a very short time, it was ridiculous.

"I was getting very anxious about what was happening. I couldn't see a meter in front of me. I was so weak from the infection."

The former government aide revealed that her symptoms confused even doctors, and she was forced to receive five different opinions before analyzes showed a cyst had exploded in her right ovary.

The result was an infected ovary and excess fluid behind the uterus, pressing on its organs and causing pain.

The star turned to her Love Island co-star, Dr. Alex George, for advice.

She said, “I talked to Dr. Alex about it and he said it's like a pocket of liquid that you can't control where they grow.

"Some are painless and you don't know you have them, or others are really painful. It was good to hear your thoughts."

Zara posted about her ordeal on Instagram and revealed that she spent nine hours in a ward after seeking urgent medical attention.

As she got out of the hospital bed, she wrote, "How is your Friday when I was rushed to hospital at night with suspected appendicitis … I've been here for 9 hours."

The NHS said: “An ovarian cyst is a fluid-filled sac that develops in an ovary. They are very common and usually cause no symptoms.

"Most ovarian cysts occur naturally and disappear within a few months without treatment.

"Symptoms of an ovarian cyst only cause symptoms if it splits, is too large, or blocks the blood supply to the ovaries.



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